All you need is to click on the chosen photo. After that you will get acquainted with the submitter’s blog post. You will most probably find the recipe you need there.

Yes, it is possible if only you provide the suitable link to the blog post where you found the picture you wish to be published on our website. In addition to that, please, add the following phrase ‘via [blog name]’ into the description in case this blog is not yours.

  1. Attribution is OBLIGATORY! You MUST NOT steal pictures from other websites!
  2. Do not abuse anyone’s intellectual property rights! Any violating posts will immediately be deleted. In case your photograph was posted by mistake, please, let us know about it.
  3. In order to post any pictures, you are obliged to register on our website.
  4. You should publish sharp, bright, informative and well-balanced food related photographs.
  5. All photos are automatically resized. They are cropped to 250 pixels by 250 pixels.
  6. We retain the right to delete any posts at any time.
  7. All submissions are subjected to moderation.

We review every photo in order to ascertain that it corresponds to such criteria as:

  • Describing food
  • Being made in a good light
  • Being presentable
  • Saving sharpness and self-descriptiveness even after being reduced in size

The very important thing we do is selecting the highest quality photos. Only they appear on our website. The number of submissions we post every morning/evening is limited. We are willing to provide similar traffic levels to all submissions. As a result, only the best photos can be published. The most important causes why photos do not appear on our website include:

  1. Your photo is either too dark or too light.
  2. Composition – the photo have the distracting foreground/background and/or superfluous camera angle.
  3. Focus – your photo is not sharp enough after being reduced to 250×250 px.
  4. White balance – the photo appears to be blue, green, purple and so on.
  5. Image cannot be found – the submitted photo or its cropped version does not appear in the blog post.

In case we decline your submission, we will send you the message where we will describe the primary reason for our not accepting you image.

Moderation can last up to twelve hours. However we typically review all submissions much faster. Anyway we may need up to 12-24 hours to post you photo on the website. This is because we prefer scheduling the time of all our publications and allowing your images to stay on the first page as long as possible.

If you have such an opportunity, you are advised to choose the best photo from the post and submit only it. Providing we have not accepted your submission and you think that another image from this post is worth of consideration, you have an opportunity to try again. None the less, we encourage you not to submit other images of the same post in the course of the extremely short period of time. It is best if the moderation process will happen before the moment you download another photo from the original submission/post.

No it isn’t. The minimum height and width of your photo must leastways be 400 pixels.

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